A dozen sculptures in polychrome marble and granite by the Korean artist Park Eun Sun will be exhibited in the most prominent places in Viareggio, Italy, in July and August 2021.

The exhibition, curated by the Contini Art Gallery of Venice, which represents Park Eun Sun in Italy, provides for the placement of four works in Piazza Maria Luisa, two near the Quattro Stagioni fountain, one on the Belvedere delle Maschere in front of Piazza Mazzini and a long Canale Palombari dell’Artiglio, which will integrate the exhibition of three works already present in Piazza Puccini.

The transport and preparation of the sculptures of the Korean master, one of the most famous contemporary artists in the world, will be coordinated by the Contini Art Gallery, which will also prepare the catalog and organize the “open air” exhibition.

Park Eun Sun, born in 1965 in South Korea, has lived and worked since 1993 in Pietrasanta, which awarded him Honorary Citizenship in 2020, and he usually uses Carrara marble to create his works.
His works are exhibited in some of the most evocative places, from Trajan’s Markets in Rome to Piazzale Michelangelo and Palazzo Pitti in Florence.
In 2018 he was awarded the Fratelli Rosselli Prize “Pietrasanta and Versilia in the world”.

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