Today, our first work based on NFT Art has been created and put on sale on Rarible, as announced in the first blog post, it is a path that moves in parallel to that of the physical world.
Digital art and in particular all the artistic forms associated with the world of NFT Art and the use of technology, are part of the DNA of Làgmarks Design, which arises precisely from the technological processing of images and the creation of minimal design that can be lived in the physical space but also in the digital one in the form of collectibles.

The first work of NFT Art, although it has features that are more suited to crypto art markets rather than the physical world, heralds a new series of posters that will put the letters and the fonts at the center of attention.

The title of our NFT artwork is provocative but the work and its name represent the expression of ordinary people in front of the evaluations of the first works sold at auction at important figures, it is the expression of people in front of a world, that of NFT Art , still incomprehensible to most.
The pieces that will be produced and offered for sale on Rarible will be absolutely unique, not several copies of the same work, once again testifying to the uniqueness of this technology.

You can find the Làgmarks Design store on Rarible by clicking here.

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