At the Metropolitan Museum of Art of New York, the first phase of the reopening of 27 galleries.

The Metropolitan Museum of New York is welcoming its new spring and trying to leave Covid behind, moving towards normalization, starting with a calendar of exhibitions as in the pre-pandemic era.
All this despite its operations reduced at 25% and a hole in the balance sheet of 150 million dollars.

The business card towards normality starts from the facade of the museum where four new monumental sculptures created by Carol Bove that occupy the niches of the museum stand out.
The work is entitled ‘The séances aren’t helping’, and is the second commission that fills the gaps in the Met’s facade after ‘The New Ones, Will Free Us’, four bronze heroines created by artist Wangechi Mutu. Inside is a large collection of Francisco Goya’s drawings and prints as well as ‘A New Look At Old Masters’ featuring the works of the Great Masters.
This is the first phase of the reopening of 27 galleries on the second floor, closed for renovation.

Freshly opened the retrospective on the American artist-portraitist Alice Neel, also considered a champion of social justice and whose commitment to humanist principles have inspired both her life and her work.
The exhibition includes over one hundred works including paintings, drawings and watercolors.
Three major openings are scheduled for June, on Caribbean art, on female photographers of the 20th century and on the Medici (The Medici: Portraits and Politics, 1512-1570).

In addition, the museum management said that 90% of its visitors now come from the New York metropolitan area.
An unprecedented number and in contrast to pre-pandemic data where most visitors were international and out-of-town tourists.

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